Hypocrite much?

  I feel like a sham i tell people coping skills, but I have trouble doing them myself. My therapist told me to try mindfulness. I know what it is. I recommend it. But, my mind spins so much,  i can't be "mindful" i have trouble breathing, cbt is out the window, i can't seem … Continue reading Hypocrite much?


Stages of Change in Recovery From Alcohol Addiction

Originally published in Psych Central https://blogs.psychcentral.com/triple-winner/2017/04/stages-of-change-in-recovery-from-alcohol-addiction/ (Photo from SmartRecovery.org) There are a number of stages one goes through when recovering from an addictive behavior. 1. Pre-contemplation — at this stage one is unaware of any problems. Others may point them out, but you have no interest in changing. 2. Contemplation– At this stage one is aware of … Continue reading Stages of Change in Recovery From Alcohol Addiction