Creativity, Mood Disorders, and Treatment

  If you have wondered where I have been, I have hit a wall. I can't think of what to write.  I will be back. Modified from my post on PsychCentral link It has been noted that there seems to be a correlation between mood disorders and creativity. Many great artists, poets, writers, musicians have … Continue reading Creativity, Mood Disorders, and Treatment


Communication Breakdown?

  Continuing from the last blog, I went through my hurt feelings and emotions looking at things in pieces so I wouldn't get overwhelmed. What it came down to is that my husband is spread so thin (he does a lot around the house, at work, for the kids' activities) that he doesn't have time … Continue reading Communication Breakdown?

Sorting Emotions

First published Psych Central   It started with my husband bringing me a drink at a party. He didn’t believe I had stopped drinking. He thought it was a nice gesture, and was encouraging me to at least taste it. I may have given in, but my son was there telling me not to … Continue reading Sorting Emotions

Finding Support for Mental Illness and Alcoholism

  Originally published on Psych Central It can be hard dealing with a mental illness and/or alcoholism without support from a loved one. Perhaps, they don’t recognize it as a real problem. They may be frightened or not comprehend what is happening. Sometimes, partners may even try to sabotage your recovery. There could be … Continue reading Finding Support for Mental Illness and Alcoholism

A pause from automatic thinking

My husband was grumpy and moody over the weekend. I automatically go to being a frightened child thinking I did something wrong and am 100% to blame. That I am guilty and have to fix things. I started assuming what could be wrong. I thought maybe he was resentful about housework, so I took care … Continue reading A pause from automatic thinking

The Stigma of Co-Occurring Disorders

In my opinion, this is my best yet 🙂 Originally published on Psych Central   There is a great deal of stigma attached with both mental illnesses and addictions. That is one reason I talk about my experiences. So, others won’t feel alone, and, to put a face to these conditions. It is scary … Continue reading The Stigma of Co-Occurring Disorders

Its Still Okay choose your challenge #ItsStillOkay challenge Here are the rules: 1. Copy the logo and description 2. Write your perspective for #ItsStillOkay 3. Spread the challenge by keeping open nomination or by nominating at-least five fellow bloggers. I don't know who to nominate, but feel free to nominate yourself   The man had … Continue reading Its Still Okay

Symbiosis- Daily Prompt

Symbiosis When I read the word, my first thought was 'lichen', the part fungus, part algae that grows on rocks, i knew they were somehow interdependent. But, when I actually investigated (googled) I found the word means a relationship between organisms that live closely together. So yes lichen, but, much more. Dependence on each other … Continue reading Symbiosis- Daily Prompt